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      When we lived in the city, we turned off the porch & front lights in the house. We didn’t have to give out anything. We just didn’t care to do the halloween thing.

      I don’t think anyone should feel compelled to participate. We live in a society that is so manipulated by marketing. Look around at most holidays: Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter etc ect. For the most part these are big business days for the stores. It is really all about increased profits for the stores. They are the real recipients. We have been conditioned to run out in mass and buy this stuff ( worthless for the most part) several times a year.

      How do you think these holidays were celebrated before mass marketing hit the scene? Just when did Mother’s Day & Father’s Day come about? Who introduced them? The Marketers of course. The industrial psychologist employed by marketing have done a great job. In a mere 50 or so years they have managed to make most Americans feel that they must run out and spend on these Days or suffer guilt when they don’t.

      Ihighlyrecommend the book ‘Unplug the Christmas Machine’. It will forever change the way you view holiday celebrations especially Christmas.

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