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      I do something different each year. This year, I am filling small

      Chinese take out boxes with candy, balloon, and close with a scary

      label. Last year, I melted candy melts into Halloween cookie cutters,

      and added eyes for ghosts, cats, pumpkins. Once hardened, I put in

      cello, and tied off. Kids loved them.

      Another time I made home made suckers in Halloween shapes. I also do

      Jello popcorn balls, and candy apples. We have about 500 kids come to

      our home, so I just plan on it. Anna

      — In, Carol Anne Geigley



      > I try to have candy and treats for different ages,

      > I have lollipops with safety sticks and fruit snacks for tots

      > and than the candy.


      > I like the idea of balloons too!!!

      > I sure do love Halloween!

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