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      What are some different items you give out to the trick or treaters who knock on your door for Halloween?

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      Halloween Pencils, Crayola Crayons with halloween stickers stuck to them (You can get them for .22 a box at walmart right now!)

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      I try to give out treat bags filled with 3 pieces of candy and a small item.

      We usually make up around 100 – 150 treat bags each Halloween. I like finding treat bags in bulk (I try for a cost under 3 cents per bag) so I only have to buy bags (around $20) once every few years. I keep an eye out for really great sales on small items (pencils at walgreens are usually 10 for $1), the dollar store and Big Lots has some great stuff too.

      I try to keep the overall cost spread out over 2 to 3 paychecks. For example: If I need to buy bags, do that one paycheck. the next paycheck will be toys and the final one will be the candy (which is purchased the day I put the goody bags together).

      I spend some time a couple days before Halloween putting together the treat bags and dumping them into the candy bowl. This saves us from munching on the loose candy that is meant for the kids and then either running out early or not having any at all. I do buy each person a bag of candy of their choice for munching on.

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      I always try to find pop or hawaiian punch on sale and we hand that out. The kids just love it. When my husband was young he never got to trick or treat or hand out candy.

      He lived in Kentucky too far from very many neighbors. So he really enjoys handing out the pop and seeing the kids dressed up.

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      I usually do not have many trick or treaters so I usually just buy the small bags of pretzels and put them in a bowl outside and let them help themselves:039:

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Trick or Treat handout question