Tri-bead Egg

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      This is a cute little project my dd made for Easter this year. It is a good craft to keep older children busy for 1 hour + 🙂

      90 tri-beads (30 of 3 different colors)
      90 pins (the kind with the rounded bead tops)
      Styrofoam egg
      Glue (any kind will do)
      Small container to put glue in (the lid from a milk jug works good)

      Put a bead on the pin, dip it into the glue and then push it into the egg to form a design. The glue is suppose to help it not to come out later.

      NOTE: I have a picture of the one she made in my Craft album on my profile…I didn’t know how to post it here.

      Happy Easter everyone!

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      I love when you put pictures with your crafts, this is so cute–And I’m a big kid so I’ll have to try this one.

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      Thanks JoAnn, LOL good luck on making it…it took my dd 1 hour and me 2 and mine was a bit crooked LOL but hers turned out lovely. Guess it is good for all the kids at heart 🙂

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      Really cute project, your dd did a great job on hers. Thanks for sharing you crafts 🙂

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