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      Thank you, Sara!

      I’ll have to see about getting a loom when our taxes come in (state

      will be deposited on Monday- yay- groceries!), and a skein of yarn

      to learn on. 🙂

      There is a program that can capture video clips and save them so

      that you can re-watch them called Camtasia Studios. My husband works

      as tech support for it. You can get a 30-day trial on the website: 🙂

      — In, “me4happy2bme”



      > Hi Heather,

      > No it is not difficult to loom knit and it might help you catch

      the concept

      > of needle knitting. I do both, but right now am needle knitting

      more than

      > loom knitting.

      > Look at the Knifty Knitter Loom, which easy to use and they have a


      > that you can get patterns off of. I mainly created my own patterns

      after I

      > learned how to do it.

      > If you really want to learn how to needle knit, google “learn to

      knit” I

      > believe and it will bring up sites that have online videos, that

      are free

      > and you can watch them over and over, but can’t download them to


      > whenever, which is the only draw back.

      > i hope this helps.


      > sara – cold ca

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