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      Hi Heather,

      No it is not difficult to loom knit and it might help you catch the concept of needle knitting. I do both, but right now am needle knitting more than loom knitting.

      Look at the Knifty Knitter Loom, which easy to use and they have a website that you can get patterns off of. I mainly created my own patterns after I learned how to do it.

      If you really want to learn how to needle knit, google “learn to knit” I believe and it will bring up sites that have online videos, that are free and you can watch them over and over, but can’t download them to watch whenever, which is the only draw back.

      I hope this helps.

      Sara – cold CA

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      I’ve never knit before. I’ve tried to learn, and can’t get the hang
      of it. I can do basic crochet, and when I was little, I could make
      scarves, but have LONG since lost the ability to remember how to do

      Anyway, to the point- is it hard to loom knit if you’ve never really
      knitted before? I’ve been eyeballing looms for a while now, but I
      don’t have anyone who can teach me how, so I wasn’t sure it would be
      easy to do on my own.

      With taxes coming back soon, I’d like to try it, maybe.


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