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      Hi Lynne:

      I do it every year with my family. Your best bet is to do an

      All-Inclusive hotel like, RIU,Beaches, etc. We just got back from a

      week in the Dominican Republic and for $3000 for (2) adults & (1) 15

      yr old, airfare, basic room , transportation to and from the hotel and

      all the food and drinks. You don’t realize how much the cost of food

      is when you start paying here and there. At an all inclusive hotel,

      you can eat and drink all day long. They also include activities on

      the property, snorkeling, etc.

      I have done Beaches and they are a little expensive, but worth it! I

      also recently did RIU resort and I would definately go back to any

      RIU, they are very clean, friendly, and the food is good.

      Hope this helps a little. If you have any more questions, please let

      me know.

      P.S. most all countries in the Caribbean do speak english!!

      — In, “Lynne” wrote:


      > I have always wanted to travel but have no idea how to see other

      > countries without spending tons of money? Has anyone ever travelled

      > while being frugal? Thanks


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