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      I have traveled both domestically and internationally,

      always while on a budget. The best tip I can offer you

      is to utilize youth hostels. They aren’t just for

      young people, and in fact many of them have “family

      rooms” which are private. There are ones right on the

      beach, ones situated in an old lighthouse, a cabin in

      the woods, all sorts of locations and types of

      buildings. You also meet people from all over the

      world, even if you’re in the U.S.. I would stick with

      ones registered with Hostelling International. Here is

      the website for hostels in the U.S.:

      Happy Travels,


      P.S. Not sure how old you are, but Contikki Tours

      ( offers great trips to all

      sorts of foreign countries, for less than a

      traditional tour company. It is intended for people

      18-35, but when I went, most people seemed to be 18-25

      or so and single. Very fast-paced, but a whole lot of


      Join this group to find out about local deals and bargains:


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