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      So you are putting in a pin number at the grocery store? And they aren't putting a large amount on hold? Do you live in a small town?

      We use our debit card around town and just swipe it like a credit card. It comes out of our checking account immediatley for the exact amopunt. We never use it as a debit card where you need to put in the pin number.

      On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 8:13 AM, Mike Hurst <> wrote:

      Once again that isn't true I never use mine as debit card except for at the grocery store.

      On 4/15/08, Karin Mueller[/b] <> wrote:

      That's it exactly. If you use yourr pin number, then you are using it as a debit card and they put a hold on the money. If you use it as a credit card, they don't.
      Karin LM

      On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 7:15 AM, Monica <> wrote:

      >>That isn't true. They will still put a hold on it if that is there policy.

      They can put holds on credit cards as well.<<

      That surprises me to hear.

      I apologize if I gave out false info. It has always been my understanding that they are accepted the same as cc's because the logo holder (visa/mc) guarantees the payment just like they do on the cc.

      The same way they protect the purchaser the same as they do cc holders on purchases.

      We do not use credit cards and have used a visa debit card exclusively for 10+years and I have NEVER had a hold put on my account for reservations of any type in all that time and we travel a lot.


      I'm curious which hotels will do that because I do not want to use them.

      The only exception that I have ever run across was at the gas pump.

      My dh entered the pin instead of running it as a credit card. They put a $100 hold on our account which was a pain.

      Maybe the hotels and car rentals will put a hold if you use your pin instead of running it like a cc as well? That might explain it.


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