Travel bed for toddler

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      At 11:25 AM 3/28/2008, you wrote:

      >What about with you, when you are at your house,

      >a hotel or your aunt’s. Put a pillow between

      >you and her – cause they are little

      >heaters. Tell her it is only for that time and not for all the time.


      >Tent – they have kids character sleeping bags. She would enjoy that

      That sleeping bag with an air mattress

      underneath, or even a roll of 3″ thick foam

      rubber under it would make a wonderful “bed” any

      place you are concerned with the young lady

      rolling off the bed. I personally don’t have

      kids, but I’ve seen both my sisters do a pallet

      in the floor for a nap with the idea in mind that

      it would not be a far fall to roll off a foam

      rubber pillow. Now that I think of it,

      the couch cushions have been used for this more

      than one time that I can remember.

      Ann in Arkansas

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