Travel bed for toddler

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      wondering about sleeping accomodations for a few
      situations we have coming up:

      12.0pt;color:navy;”>With my daughter, 18 months, a few of the things we’ve done are to put her in a plastic
      box (we used an under-the-bed storage box) on the floor, then put a blanket in
      it. She slept on the blanket and was contained by the low sides of the
      box. No,
      we did NOT put the lid on it!!! 🙂 We also use lots of pillows when
      I visit my parents’ house – we pile them up on the side of the bed
      to keep her from accidentally rolling off and then lots more on the floor to
      catch her if she does (although she never has). Be prepared to not get
      much sleep, though. I swear, those little ones move around so much in
      their cribs – when you give them free rein in a big bed, they’re
      all over it!!!

      For peace of mind,
      though, it might be worth investing in a fold-up playpen – they have some
      travel-sized ones that are smaller than the normal, crib-sized beds. They’re
      very easy to fold up and store, but they provide comfort in knowing that your
      child won’t be able to get up and wander around a strange place in the
      middle of the night. My niece, when she was little, slept on a pallet on
      the floor once – she actually rolled her way under the bed during the
      night. It was a panicked few minutes the next morning while my sister searched all over for

      Sheridan in OK

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