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      In a few weeks, we will be taking our toddler on his first plane ride.
      I am already trying to figure out what to pack into the carry-on to make our travels easier. I am thinking: Snacks Juice (for him) – I called. The airline will allow unopened juice for our toddler through security. Change of clothes Basic diaper bag items Portable DVD player and a couple of DVDs Book or two Small toy Replica of his favorite stuffed animal (leaving #1 at home, safe& secure) I am going to use a backpack to combine the diaper bag and my purse. I will pack my purse (empty) into the suitcase for carrying while we are on our trip. One less thing to keep track of in the airports. Any suggestions? Experiences you careto share? Thanks! He will be 2 years old when we go. We are flying out at night, right about his bedtime, so hopefully, he will sleep for a good deal of the trip. Unless, he is overly excited by flying and stays up. 🙂 I am sure he will do well. He is a great traveler (long car trips are no problem). Thanks! Herlean

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