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      We always used the Fold and Go type
      playpens as beds. They are easy to transport and safe for toddlers not quite
      ready for a real bed, especially in a strange location. If you don’t want
      to buy one new, you can probably get one on Freecycle or borrow one from a
      friend for the times you need it.



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      Subject: : Travel
      bed for toddler

      My daughter is 2.5, and still sleeps in a crib. I will

      transitioning her into a “big girl bed” in a couple months. I’m

      wondering about sleeping accomodations for a few situations we have

      coming up:

      – tent camping (just her and I in the tent)

      – sleeping at a hotel

      – sleeping at my aunt’s house where there is an extra bed

      – she will also be staying in my bedroom with me for a few nights

      this summer, due to company coming

      I’ve seen travel beds for toddlers that are basically air mattresses

      with sides, but they run about $70. What else can she sleep on when

      we’re in the tent or my bedroom?

      For the hotel and my aunt’s house, of course there will be a bed. But

      as she will be new to sleeping in a regular bed, I would worry about

      her falling out, and might bring guard rails with me.

      Any ideas for what would be convenient and not too expensive for

      these situations?



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