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      When I traveled with my 25 month old, I wavered on whether or not to

      buy her a ticket. I was afraid of getting caught, so I did. On one

      of the flights, the attendant asked her age. When I told her 2 – she

      exclaimed that she was really tiny for 2. When our flight was delayed

      over and over and over again, I had her on my lap becuase she was

      getting super grouchy. The flight attendant made me take my own seat

      – which she hadn’t done until I told her my age. Prior to me telling

      her age, the attendent didn’t mind her sitting on my lap. So, I think

      the age is too arbitrary. A better way to measure whether or not

      toddlers need to be in their own seat would be by weight, since, based

      on my experience with that attendent and the person at the gate, they

      had no idea that she was two, and haven’t been prepared for the fact

      tthat I bought her her own ticket.

      I wonder what the reasoning behind the “2” is…

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 10:33 PM, Herlean <> wrote:



      > Did you realize that a 2 year old is considered an adult by the travel

      > industry? The same as a 32 year old. Odd.

      Until their 2nd birthday, they

      > are babies. The day they turn 2, “Weeeeee adulthood!”

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