Travel bed for toddler

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      Unfortunately, she has gotten too big for her Pack ‘n

      Play. That would have been a convenient option for all

      the situations.

      I like the character blow-up bed that someone posted

      from Amazon, because it could work in all situations.

      Plus, I’m divorced, so sometimes when she’s off with

      Daddy she has to take naps at other people’s houses.

      It would be good to be able to provide a safe option

      for her when she’s with him. My only reservation is

      that some of the reviewers on Amazon commented on how

      loud the bed is – that it makes a lot of noise every

      time the child moves and is not conducive to sleeping!

      There have been times when she has slept in my bed

      with me for a nap, and I just get kicked constantly. I

      don’t think I would get a wink of sleep that way.

      Thanks for all the suggestions…I think I’ll keep

      looking for an affordable travel bed.


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