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      Please remember to snip>


      We are actually going to test out having our toddler sleep in his pack N play

      during naps to see how he does. Otherwise, we are going to let him just sleep

      with us when we are traveling this summer. No need to cart it with us if he

      won’t sleep in it. Just something else to take with us.


      pseuzanne <> wrote:

      My daughter is 2.5, and still sleeps in a crib. I will be

      transitioning her into a “big girl bed” in a couple months. I’m

      wondering about sleeping accomodations for a few situations we have

      coming up:

      – tent camping (just her and I in the tent)

      – sleeping at a hotel

      – sleeping at my aunt’s house where there is an extra bed

      – she will also be staying in my bedroom with me for a few nights

      this summer, due to company coming

      I’ve seen travel beds for toddlers that are basically air mattresses

      with sides, but they run about $70. What else can she sleep on when

      we’re in the tent or my bedroom?

      For the hotel and my aunt’s house, of course there will be a bed. But

      as she will be new to sleeping in a regular bed, I would worry about

      her falling out, and might bring guard rails with me.

      Any ideas for what would be convenient and not too expensive for

      these situations?


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