Travel bed for toddler

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      For tent camping, I presume you’re car camping instead of hiking in? (with

      a toddler, that is, LOL) For padding, I’d suggest either looking into a

      camp mat now for her or packing some extra blankets for “cushion” and

      splurging on a sleeping bag of her choice. If you get a “kid sized”, you

      can always fold the bottom under for additional cushion. This would also

      work for sleeping in your room – particularly if you’ll be camping

      frequently in the future, make it fun – plus, no worrying about rolling over

      or off.

      She’s not going to be this size for long, so if you buy something specific,

      you might as well buy a regular kid size to get the use out of it, rather

      than buying twice.

      As for the aunt’s house, what about sleeping on a couch or the floor there?

      If that’s not an option, I remember going to sleep at Gma’s with the chairs

      from the dining room table on either side of the bed as “guard rails”. No

      drastic damage done – in fact, it’s a humourous memory now and it did the

      trick. Less to haul, too.

      For the hotel, you might want to call ahead – they may have either a small

      rollaway bed you could strategically place between the regular bed and the

      wall, or some of them have fold down guard rails, but you do have to reserve

      those in advance and occasionally pay a small fee ($5 ish).

      Hope that helps!


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      From: “pseuzanne” <>

      > – tent camping (just her and I in the tent)

      > – sleeping at a hotel

      > – sleeping at my aunt’s house where there is an extra bed

      > – she will also be staying in my bedroom with me for a few nights

      > this summer, due to company coming


      > I’ve seen travel beds for toddlers that are basically air mattresses

      > with sides, but they run about $70. What else can she sleep on when

      > we’re in the tent or my bedroom?


      > For the hotel and my aunt’s house, of course there will be a bed. But

      > as she will be new to sleeping in a regular bed, I would worry about

      > her falling out, and might bring guard rails with me.


      > Any ideas for what would be convenient and not too expensive for

      > these situations?

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