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      Disney used tooffer this when dealing with them directly as well- you plan your trip, pay a deposit, then the rest is due before you travel…you were able to pay on it whenever, as long as it was paid in full by a certain date (usually like 1mo prior to arrival). If youbelong to aaa you may be able to get a discount price, and don’t forget that is around as well- they will find discounts and apply them to your travel plans that are booked withthem. they’ve saved me tons of money over the years and are able to book special dining when i couldn’t get reservations thru the regular disney phone reservations (think breakfast at the castle, that sort of thing).

      every time i’ve ever price shopped between them and disney directly, they saved me money or at least weren’t any more expensive..however, they really made my life easier in the long
      run by being able to book meals and special events all in one phone call.


      lisa g., self-professed disney fanatic

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