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      Can he get you a room at the on-base lodging? He will get the active duty military rate. Otherwise, have your son call and ask local hotel for the active duty military rate.

      No need to mention his graduation, just that he is active duty military. Herlean

      Jennifer Vaughn wrote: My husband graduated from
      Boot camp this year and I used yahoo travel for the best prices for hotels. I looked around for weeks and this was the best price that I could find. If you have aaa they give pretty good discounts too.

      i dont know about marine bases but you might want to call the welcome office there to find out the best area to stay in. some areas near the army base in sc were really bad, drug and prostitute neighborhoods. hth!!

      annette wrote: how do i find the best hotel rates? we never travel b/c it’s so
      expensive but we are going to attend our son’s marine graduation on
      november 21 in parris island, sc. any advice is greatly appreciated.
      Annette in Alabama

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