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      Whats the best way to stockpile toilet papper? Meaning whear do you find the best buys?

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      The way I have been stock piling TP , I collect coupons and watch the sale ads–and match this way for the best deals. Also I check the mark down isles, sometimes they have open packages that they have taped up. And they mark these down as well..With a coupon this is a real deal to me..
      When I go shopping this weekend — I have to stop at my local Kroger Store — And this is one of the deals I’ll be going after…
      The Kroger stores in my area double coupons, so a $0.50 coupon is worth $1 off my register receipt.

      Cottonelle 4-packs are priced at $0.99, so that makes them FREE after a doubled $0.50 coupon or a $1 coupon! And if I take someone with me they will have a cart and coupons also…So a stocking I’m doing..
      The stock pile doesn’t grow over night — I have maybe 6 packs on hand right now. It all takes time.

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      There are always specials on tp so it is fairly easy to pick up a package or more each month as finances permit.

      a bigger issue perhaps is storing your tp since it is by nature designed to disintegrate in moisture. i store mine in those jumbo vacuum storage bags designed for pillows and blankets, etc. this protects the tp from moisture and other deterioration.

      when the shtf you may find that tp is worth its weight in gold.

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      lol i bet we will mcnerd. whear do you two find your tp cupons?? should i be checking the news papper?

      online? i just discoverd the wonders of krogers last weekend and even dh was impressed with what i came out with.

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      You should be getting the Sunday paper for coupons each week (except for holidays) and if there are more than one major paper in your area, check them both and see if one has more coupon offers than the other.

      Definitely get coupons online, but do it from official sources. Lots of counterfeits out there, especially on high value *free* coupons. Check your grocery store for a website and coupon offers.

      Same with all of the major products you buy… Charmin TP. Many will even email you when they have promotions and coupons.

      And the biggest of all — not to be abused — is commenting directly to the companies on how good or bad their product is. If its real on your part they often will send you coupons for free products. They want you as a customer.

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      you should be getting the sunday paper for coupons each week

      my local newspaper has the coupons in the thursday paper, then one from a larger city has the coupons on sunday. i love it, get my local paper thursday to see what the coupons are to know whether or not to get the one of sunday :).

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      I need to move to sd… least on thursdays. :drogar-dolar(lbg):

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      Great ideas. I had to run to the store last night ant pay 3.99 for a 4 pack because we ran out!!!! How do you actually run out of toilet paper????

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      Yup, and a lot of people do not think about it until its gone and suddenly when there is none to be had in the stores it becomes very valuable to get some at whatever the cost. 🙂

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      Just the reason I decided I should start stocking. 🙂 We run out often and end up makeing a run to the wall mart close. Then it ends up…

      TP, ice cream, frozen pizza, movie, ect. Buys we dont really need and are more expensive beacuse they were not planned. My worst enemy is the pastry section.

      I am an addict. Worst Part is given time i can make everything I buy for dollars less.

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      It’s nice to hear someone else has that problem. I complain to the cashier everytime that I went in for 1 or 2 items, even show her my shopping note, and I walk out with 2 or 3 bagfuls. Fortunately all for my preps, but still…….I dont know:005:

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      according to the gerocery guide Super walmart has angelsoft for $1 12 rolls. Sounds insane but I will look today. Angelsoft also has a cupon for .50 .

      I plan to get Dh to try and download one too so We can pick up two. Ill have to remember to walk over to the gass station sunday and get a papper. I need more cupons!!!!

      24 rolls for a buck is good I think.

      OH! wanted to add the gerocery guide button for find cupon did not find any cupons but the cupon guide had the cupon listed. Not sure if thats a glitch.

      Gerocery guide was wrong for my area. Super wall mart did not have angelsoft 12 pack for a doller they dident even have a 4 pack for a dollar. back to the drawing bord…..

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      Wish my Kroger still carried Cottonelle 4 packs, used to get it free with 50cent Q’s, they no longer have it available in my area, are now stocking 4 pack of Angel Soft, but the only Q’s I’m finding are for 6 packs. Bummer. Have been getting Scotts lately, lots of $1 Q’s for that and FL has been running it for 4.99 for a 12 pack, but it’s like sandpaper and dh won’t use it.

      best price i can find in my area on good tp is 5.99 for 12 pk Charmin Ultra Soft, and sometimes there is a 25 cent Q for it. So not much stockpiling on tp around my house.

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      hmmmm…..maybe TP is one of those things that can be saved on buy doing a group buy?? Wonder if anyone in my area would be intrested? i could always figure out the details and post at the library.

      Dunno really I have heard some groups get togather to group buy flour.

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      My kids come home occasionally and raid my pantry and take the tp home with them and i always keep several month’s supply on hand. run in after they’ve been here and can’t find any??? arg!

      no trips to town for me! use the old phone books to get by on! girls want to hide the tp when the boys come home for a visit!

      got it stashed in 3 different places now so they never clean us out again!

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      @brchbell 131845 wrote:

      No trips to town for me! Use the old phone books to get by on!

      Oy vey, I can’t imagine that would be very good for the septic system . . .

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      If it comes down to using telephone books (sans Sears Catalog) I doubt if the septic or sewer systems are going to be working at all to worry about.

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      I think I’m worthy of 2-ply, and I’m not lucky enough to ever be able to get TP free with coupons. So, when I buy it, I check the square footage of the package, and if I have a coupon, so much the better. A dollar per 100 sq.

      ft. is about as good as I’ve done. I used to buy by comparing # of sheets, but I noticed that a sheet is no longer 4 inches by 4.5 inches, its 4 by 4.27 inches, almost a quarter inch less.

      As for storage, I keep the wraped stockpile in a bathroom cabinet, and if I need more room, it can go under the bed.

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      They burn just fine or go into the trash just fine also! I’ve used these on occasion because I’m not running 14 miles down the road and 14 miles back just for 1 unplanned thing. A day using the old phone books sure made my family dedicated at not only writing down they took the last roll of TP, they run tell me right off!

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      I haven’t purchased tp in going on two years now. my daughters’ grandfather works at the local airport as a janitor, and rather than throwing away partially used rolls of tp from the restroom dispensers, he and the other janitors will take it home every night (totally legal-not theft). this has saved money for three households for going on two years.

      my home (3 adults, 4 children), my daughters’ father’s home (2 adults, 1 child), and their grandfather’s home (2 adults, 1 adult child) has been stockpiled with TP to last forever!!

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      If you run out of tp–you can always use wash cloths or cloth diapers, put them in a bucket and wash just as you do when you use them for the babies. not as convenient as tp (can’t be flushed and you have to wash them) but it works. can be used over and over.

      thanks; virginia

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      Nice thought, assuming that water is plentiful enough to use for such washing (and tossing) after the SHTF and there is no necessity to store water barely sufficient for drinking purposes.

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      We usually just go to Sam’s … it seems to be the best deal (at least our brand) Yes we do have a brand.. it’s Charmin..

      it’s the one that doesn’t shred & we don’t have to use a TON of it just to keep bodily fluids off of our hands. I store it in the “kids” bathroom, the laundry rm, in our bathroom, & sometimes in a tub up in the attic. Doesn’t seem to harm it that way.

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      I have found the best buy at Wal-greens. I am also exploring the idea of cloth toliet paper out of scrap left overs from the lining of the cloth diapers I am making. My husband and son will probably not be partaking, but I figure since I am the one using most of the toliet paper and it won’t impact them at all.

      I probably won’t use it for BMs though. I know there is a gross factor–but we always sugget cloth diapers so what’s the difference?

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      I used the 5 quart ice cream buckets we collected to make tp replacement kits so when it all hits the fan we can make it without tp. in each bucket i put a peri bottle, then i put 2 small sponges in and a stack of flannel wipes that are double sided and an empty small sour cream container to put dirty stuff in. To use fill peri bottle with clean water.

      You can rinse yourself with the water and use a flannel wipe to dry off with. If really dirty you can scrub with the sponge. Put dirty stuff in the little container and put the lid back on your bucket and you are ready to go.

      I collected different colored flannel and sponges so each of our kits are color coded. I have a family in my area with 10 kids that loved it so much they quit using TP and they only use this kit now. Later this winter I’m going to make flannel sani pads to put in our emergency stash.

      Will probably use like 8 layers for those but haven’t played with them yet so don’t know for sure. Thinking I should buy a bolt of diaper flannel also to have on hand. Never know what will be needed!

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      I buy it at Big Lots, and especially when they have 20% addl’ off with rewards card.

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      I have run out of toilet paper before. It sucks. I had to go out at 3 in the morning to Walmart to get some.

      I usually don’t use toilet paper coupons. I typically by the Great Value brand of toilet paper from Walmart. It works great, feels just like Charmin Ultra Strong and is about 1/2 the price.

      I save more going with the generic brand and I am not skimping on quality. We usually get the large packs (12 count) and I typically buy 2 at a time. I have a family of 7 so we go through a lot.

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      Thanks for the tip on storage, that was my big question. 😉

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