how to make a Reindeer Towel

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      I was inspired to make these adorable reindeer towels by a post shared by Donna Watson.

      towel reindeer donna watson craft
      Created by Donna Watson

      How to Make a Reindeer Towel

      Items needed: (Make 2 Reindeer Towels)
      2 – Standard Size Bath Towels (Brown)
      2 – Floral Picks
      4 – Squiggly Eyes
      2 – Red Pom Poms
      1 1/2 yds of 7/8″ Red Ribbon
      4 – Jingle Bells
      6 – Rubber Bands
      Ears & Antlers Cut out of Felt

      If you want a slightly different look (like a hanging reindeer) here’s a second one:


      Washcloth Reindeer in 10 Minutes

      To make a face cloth reindeer

      1. 1 washcloth,
      2. 2 rubber bands
      3. small sticks for antlers (or felt)
      4. Bells, google eyes, or other embellishments, as desired

      To make ears, cut a large piece out of felt, then a smaller piece out of lighter colored felt. Here’s the printable template.


      deer ear

      Towel Reindeer Craft Idea! How to make adorable reindeer out of towels, dishcloths or washcloths in about 10 minutes flat. Great, inexpensive DIY gift basket addition #Reindeer #christmascrafts #MYO #Crafty #Santa #Giftideas #budget101

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