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      We are “planning” on moving next spring (if our home sells). If we

      rent (hopefully we can find a place that won’t care we have 5 kids

      and a dog..hmmm) we could pay off our student loans in 3 years

      ($152,000) after the sell of our current home, large sign on bonus

      and saving exvery month. Would you either

      1. Put a down payment on a home and buy, take several years to pay

      off the student loan and about 10 years to pay off the house OR

      2. Rent for 3 years and pay off the student loan, then buy a home and

      try to pay it off asap.

      On one note we are moving to a new area. My husband is visiting

      Arizona the northern area, central and southern in 1 week trying to

      find the ideal area. It is possible even if we bought a home that we

      may not like the area once we stayed there. That is why I think

      renting might be a better choice, as we are not stuck somewhere. We

      could also buy land after we pay off the student loans and pay that

      off and build a house just what we want (modest but including all the

      attributes we would appreciate).


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