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      It’s only money and it’s pretty easy for me to make it. As far as I’m concerned it’s money that is putting food on other American’s tables. Sure, some people get rich off of it. But the average collection agent or customer service worker doesn’t get paid that much and they have families to support. This money gives me the privelege of managing my cash flow, planning for slow months in the daycare and getting what I want when I want it. Call me impatient 🙂 In my scenario everyone wins:)


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      From: Ann Garner
      Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 10:58 AM
      Subject: Re: : Tough Question

      >I think too many of these ideas people throw around may work for
      >younger people that have not had time to make too many mistakes
      >yet. I laugh out loud when I hear someone complain of being
      >3000-5000 in debt LOL! I only wish!
      Szui, I was amazed when you said it didn’t bother you to be $50,000
      in debt. If you are paying 8% interest on that money, you are
      handing over $4,000 a year to those people. Right now, I hate being
      $2,000 in debt. I want that interest money for me. I’ll be out of
      debt by the end of this year, though.
      Ann in Arkansas

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