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      If I tried to live on half my income my creditors would force me into bankruptsy

      in 6 months to a year. I’ve never paid them late or not at all and I certainly

      don’t plan on doing that now.

      There comes a certain time when a person needs to make hard choices I realize.

      But so long as I am able bodied I won’t live without my cell phones (4 for the

      family), cable television and highspeed internet. If I got rid of all of that I

      suppose I could have 300 bucks to put someplace else. But guess what? There is

      NO WAY to put a price on the peace of mind I have that myself and my family have

      these cell phones. And the television and cable is what makes working 7 days

      per week, 24 hours per day possible.

      I think too many of these ideas people throw around may work for younger people

      that have not had time to make too many mistakes yet. I laugh out loud when I

      hear someone complain of being 3000-5000 in debt LOL! I only wish!


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      I’m a newbie. Ownership is better than loanership. Never consider

      renting even if it is temporary.

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