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      10.0pt;font-family:”Comic Sans MS”;color:teal;”>I would rent
      the 1st year, then buy. Work on the student loans, but they are
      rally low interest, so take your time with them – don’t rush paying
      them off – maybe pay $50 extra a month. So really – I would go for
      a deferred option # 1.

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      Subject: : Tough

      We are “planning” on moving next spring (if our home sells).
      If we rent we could pay off our student loans in 3 years ($152,000) after the
      sell of our current home, large sign on bonus and saving exvery month. Would
      you either

      1. Put a down payment on a home and buy, take several years to pay off the
      student loan and about 10 years to pay off the house OR

      2. Rent for 3 years and pay off the student loan, then buy a home and try to
      pay it off asap.

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