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      I really meant the collection agents that work for the credit card banks. Even though I make my payments on time, my interest rates pay all their employees.

      I just think people make way too much over debt. It’s as if people think that a person never has anything to show for this debt. I’m not saying it’s the wisest way. If people were wise everyone would graduate from highschool, go onto college, never date until after they graduate from school and after they have been employed in their profession for a few years. But most of us aren’t that smart or were not prepared at the time we were released into the years as adults.

      My impatients has me in debt. My impatients will someday get me out of debt. One thing I never said was that a certain percentage of my debt comes from years of years of trying all sorts of little side businesses. Even though many of my cockamaime ideas haven’t worked well, someday one will work. In the meantime I’ll work on the debt paying snowball I’ve seen you all talk about. I haven’t read the book but it’s easy to see how it works.

      In the meantime I always make sure I have the largest insurance policy I can afford. If I die while still in debt my family will have plenty left over after paying off that debt for their own futures without me.

      I guess in many ways for me it’s all a game I like to play. I’m willing to work hard. I’m even willing to sacrifice if it comes down to it. But I haven’t needed to yet. That may have to come sooner than later. I just found out yesterday that my 23 year old has applied to get back into Syracuse University. She didn’t go when she was supposed to. So now she’s going to try and make up for her own mistakes and start again.


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      Somehow I don’t think the collection agent is going to make any more if you
      are their customer or not….

      The only people you are supporting is the bankers……. Why give them your
      kid’s money? If you want to give it away – donate it…..


      On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 10:16 AM, Suzi McMullen <> wrote:

      > It’s only money and it’s pretty easy for me to make it. As far as I’m
      > concerned it’s money that is putting food on other American’s tables.

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