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      My husband packs his lunch at night when the kids pack theirs for

      school in the morning. 😉

      We also buy him things like pretzals, cereal bars (the nutrigrain

      kind), and a few other snacks he keeps locked up in his office. That

      way, he doesn’t hit a vending machine for a snack when he gets

      munchy at work.

      His work provides free drinks- soda, flavored water, orange juice,

      milk, coffee, espresso, etc, so that’s a savings we have, too. On

      the days he forgets to pack a lunch, he’ll spend $2 on 3 tacos at

      Taco Bell, bring it back to work, grab a free drink, and eat in.

      — In, Peggy wrote:


      > I used to buy a lot of bottled water, in the case when it is on

      sale, and individual bottles when I needed one in a pinch.


      > Then I started reading about the effect on the

      environment…….billions of bottles going into landfills and it

      takes 1,000 years to break down plastic……and not to mention the

      chemicals that leach out as it breaks down.


      > And then I learned that bottled water is nothing

      special…’s just tap water. And why does ANYONE spend $1.39 to

      $1.79 for a bottle of tap water???????????????? Or why would I

      spend any amount – even the cost of buying it on sale by the

      case? convenience????


      > convenience (to me) is equal to laziness.


      > i had several bottles on hand, and i have an insulated lunch

      bag. every night i wash out my bottles, fill them about half-way

      with plain old water, and put them in the freezer overnight. in the

      morning, i fill them the rest of the way with water, put them in my

      bag and take them with me.


      > this is a very simple thing for me to do — i am already

      packing my lunch every night, so it just takes about a minute more

      to fill & freeze my water bottles. i’m helping the environment,

      helping myself, because having the water handy means i”ll actually

      drink the water), and i’m helping my wallet as well! (if you buy

      only one bottle of water a week, it adds up to $72 to $93 a year.)


      > I also stopped drinking soda for pretty much the same reasons.

      I was able to find canned soda by the case for $3.99, which comes to

      about 17 cents a can opposed to 75 cents a can from the vending

      machine at work. This was that I was reading about how bad soda is

      for you, so I stopped drinking it, regular and diet as well!


      > I am no health-nut, but I am prudent and I realize I don’t need

      soda every day.. So I only drink one now occasionally….


      > I mentioned I am packing my lunch every night. It only takes a

      few minutes. At first I had trouble disciplining myself to do it,

      but now I do it as I clean up the kitchen after dinner, and it has

      become routine I pack a couple of snacks a day, too. I have been

      doing this diligently now for three months, and I can see the


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