Tonight’s Game 6

Stuff I’d Like to See General Tonight’s Game 6

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      Let’s Go Flyers!!!

      Of course most people order out and spend a fortune. That’s not going to happen in this house, so I’m thinking that I’ll do it up with totally frugal game day food. I found this great clearance for prepackaged lunch meat.

      Everything 59 cents a package except for the salami which was 99 cents. I filled my freezer. We also got some free long sub rolls.

      I’m going to slather the rolls with homemade thousand island dressing and layer, turkey breast, honey ham, salami and American cheese. Then wrap loosely in tin foil and bake. Homemade Dagwood sandwiches!

      I also found a BIG bag of potato chips at the dollar tree, and sweet and dill pickles! Yummy! eat-1  smilie

      So what plans have you made to have a frugal game day?

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      Aww…That’s okay boys, we’ll get them next year. Just can’t watch the Blackhawks get the Stanley Cup on home ice, had to turn off the TV. 🙁 Looks like our celebration lemon cake with lemon glaze icing has turned become a medicine to soothe our disappointment 🙁

      Is it possible? Am I the only hockey fan on this forum?

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Tonight’s Game 6