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      We just bought some Big Boy tomato plants and will be planting them today. My hubs has said that if we make some kind of egg shell and water concoction it helps the plants grow. Has anyone heard of this and how well will it work for my tomato plants?

      This is my first time trying to grow a vegetable. I am very proficient at growing weeds but not too sure about real food. So, if anyone has any tips on keeping my little plants alive, I would be greatly appreciative.

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      When planting, add water to the hole before you put the plants in. As far as egg shells go, you put clean finely crushed egg shells in the hole before you plant along with some water. (Egg shells may or may not help, it depends on if your soil needs calcium or not.) You can also spread, not as finely crushed, egg shells on the surface around plants to help deter slugs, snails and cutworms. Tomatoes like water, about an inch a week.

      When watering, try not to get the leaves wet. Water in the evening, not in the middle of the day, you don’t want the sun to scorch the plants. Good luck.

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Epsom salts is a great all natural fertilizer. I use it every year on my vegetables. they grow big, and strong.

      I give them 1 TB to 1 gallon of water. I will mist the leaves and water the ground with it. y parents would make a ring with the Epsom salts around each plant.

      about 4 inches away from the stem, once a year. I gave mine a drink about every 2 weeks.

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      all my eggshells go into my garden lasagna (first layer rocks, second layer egg shells, third layer dirt, fourth layer wet newspaper, repeat layers until raised bed is full)…and I don’t have tomato plants, I have tomato trees and bushes. :/ if it doesn’t rain, i water my plants 4x a week — with 1x a week using organic miracle gro.

      I also use only heirloom plants / seeds… due to gmo hybrid concerns.

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