Tomato Plant Bugs

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      Are there any good bugs for my plants? What kind of bugs should I be worried about? Any clue how to get rid of bad bugs?

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      I’ve always heard ladybugs are a farmer’s friend —

      I’ve never had trouble with bugs on my garden plants — I use organic soil / compost … and then between each veggie plant is a marigold plant — does wonders for the mosquito population as well as keep animals from a harvest.

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      I grow a lot of herbs…hence the name. To make it easy I’ll just say plant fennel and dill about 5 feet away from the tomato plants. They will stunt the growth of the tomato if too close.

      There are many beneficial insects that will be attracted. My favorite, the adult baraconid wasp feeds on nectar. It has a preference for tiny blossoms. These are small NON-stinging wasps so no worries!

      You will also attract Lacewings, Ladybugs, Hover Flies, and Big-eyed bugs to name a few. All of these feed on a variety of aphids, meal worms, maggots, and caterpillar such as the horn worm.

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      Interesting. Thank you, HerbLady. Now, does anyone know how to get squirrels to leave my tomatoes alone?

      The darn things keep going after my plants. They have already stolen 2 tomatoes growing on a branch. They took the branch with them!

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      shake on Alum, or mix alum with water& dishsoap and spray the plants. Alum is bitter, Squirrels are mostly aftr water but are not above stealing your maters. They don’t care for the alum.

      Dog patrol works too…make your pooch work for his spot in the home.

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