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      This recipe was named by DD when she was 7 on one of our camping trips;-D
      Tomato Bang
      In a gallon baggie add 2 tbs olive oil (or the amount of oil required to cover camping skillet). Then add 1-3 cups cherry tomatoes, seal baggie and refrigerate or place in cooler.
      When read to use, dump baggie into camp skillet and heat over medium-high heat (using a camp stove or estimate the spot to place on open fire). Sprinkle with sea salt and shake pan over heat for about 5 minutes. Tomatoes will begin to burst (or as DD said ‘bang’ since there is a popping sound). Remove from heat and serve over whatever desired — pasta, potatoes, rice — OR serve as a side to the meal. Serves 2-4 depending on how served. For example, serving over spaghetti noodles (DD’s favorite) makes two servings;-D
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