Toilet paper pumpkins

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Toilet paper pumpkins

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      I have a friend who will use scraps of halloween designed fabric or solid orange material. She will cut it into a square shape and lay flat. Place a roll of toilet paper in the center. Grab the ends and stuff into one end of the roll. Collect different sticks from outside and place those inside the end of the roll that you put the material into and you have an instant pumpkin.

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      Sounds cute. I think that I’ll keep an eye on the after holiday sales and maybe pick up some fabric to redecorate the bathroom for next year.

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      Sounds cute Kim thanks, I am on a Halloween role since we dont have many places we can take the little one trick or treating, we have decided to have a party and invite Arsenal’s play mates. This will be cute and maybe do for a take home favor.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Toilet paper pumpkins