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      Have you seen that new scrubbing bubbles brand gel things that are suppose to clean your toilet? You push them on to the side of the toilet bowl and each time you flush they clean-like those things to hang on the sides but this is actually inside of the toilet.

      I bought some but they do not last that long when you have children flushing the toilet all day long. Does anyone by chance have an idea for how to make this yourself?

      Thanks for any input.

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      This is one area that we do buy a product rather than making our own. I swear by KaBoom toilet bowl cleaner. It goes into the back of your tank and lasts at least a month. It works AWESOME. There is a coupon IN the box, so if you’re buying it you could use that.

      (Maybe I’ll get yelled at for that, but if I’m paying for it I shouldn’t have to wait to use the $2 q inside!) lol

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