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      Re: toddler butterfly birthday party

      This was a favorite art project when I taught preschool….lay a coffee
      filter on a plate or sheet of waxed paper. Fill tiny containers with a little
      water colored with either food coloring (which will stain) or dissolve a little
      paint in each. Let them paint the coffee filter with the colored water, then
      hang to dry in the sunshine..(maybe tack up a string clothesline fashion in
      front of a window and hang with clothespins) When dry, gather a filter thru
      the center so it forms two “wings” and either slide it the slit of an old
      fashioned clothespin or twist a piece of black pipe cleaner to resemble a
      butterfly body. If using the clothespin, you can add pipe cleaner antennas.
      color paints can also be used, but the ones done with water are prettier. These
      make beautiful butterflies, and they look great hanging from the ceiling on a
      Also, I made butterfly wings for Halloween one year. I took two metal
      hangers and bent them into rounded wing shapes. I bought a pair of cheap
      brightly colored knee high nylons and stretched one over each wing, twisting
      top portion so that it would be located at the center back. I used duct tape to
      secure the two wings at the center (also duct taped any sharp points on the
      wire before covering). Then I cut out a butterfly body shape from black felt,
      and glued it over the duct tape joining the wings. You could also sew thru
      this to make it more secure. We decorate the wings with glue and lots of
      glitter, but you could also glue or sew different colored felt pieces to the
      wings. The wings were held on by another pair of nylons used as shoulder straps
      and twisted and taped into the middle. I tried elastic first, but the nylons
      seemed to be more comfortable. All of the taped and twisted parts were against
      the back and didn’t show. We added antennas on a headband and a solid colored
      sweatsuit (could also use a leotard and tights) It turned out really cute
      and really cheap!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children toddler butterfly birthday party