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      RE: : Re: Baby Slings

      OOOOOO, antoher good site. Thank You. My favorites file is getting very full.
      I noticed thay have a pattern for clothe sanitary napkins, which I have
      considered. I said something to my family about using cloth sanitary napkins and
      they went,”EWWWW”.LOL. But if they actually sat down and figured up what we
      spend a year on sanitary pads that don’t break down in the landfills quickly
      they might change their minds. Well, my hubby might at least. My teenagers (Boy
      and 2 girls) would still look grossed out and horror sticken at the same time.
      I can’t wait till they have kids of their own! LOL!
      Does anyone here use clothe sanitary napkins? I know you soak them in a
      bucket like clothe diapers, but do you put anything in the bucket besides water?
      Inquiring minds want to know. LOL.
      Thanks for all the great sites ladies. I am actually starting files on
      my desk top and converting some of them in there with a quick description for an
      organized easy directory. I plan on downloading them to disk soon since I kill
      all things mechanical with some invisible power. LOL. I have had this computer
      over 6 months, it’s about time for it to die too. LOL. Emmy In Iowa

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Toddler Activities