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      Hi Tracy! I have lived all over the US, including Alaska and it has often been

      in trailers not built for the cold… or the

      heat! Keeping them cool can be almost as exasperating as keeping them warm!

      You mentioned some good things

      you have already done like closing off rooms and adding electric oil space

      heaters. Here are some other ideas I can

      think of:

      1)buy foam insulation pads that fit behind your electric sockets and switches

      (in a pinch, pieces of fiberglas batting

      will do) Believe it or not, a lot of air can blow in there!

      2)Definitely look everywhere walls, windows, doors and floors meet for cracks

      where air might be infiltrating. Then

      apply some kind of caulk or spray foam insulation.

      3)If you find a big space you need to fill and obviously do not want to use a

      whole can of spray… fill it up with empty

      plastic grocery bags, first. Then, spray the foam!

      4)Any added insulation to the walls, floor and ceiling is a big help. Now, it

      all depends on how desperate to get

      warm you are and how much you have to spend, but here are a few ideas:

      a) purchasase foam insulation boards to install on your wall and or

      ceiling… if you like blue…

      b) hang quilts or comforters on your walls.. over windows, too…a real

      homey feel

      c) Throw down an extra carpet over the existing one… nice change in


      d) Dress warmly… this includes your head and feet… nice wintery


      e) Drink a hot drink down as fast as you can when you feel like your

      body temperature is low

      f) Most of all… think warm thoughts and dream of sunbathing in the

      bahamas or ?

      Hope something helps. We have lived in all kinds of housing and in all kinds of

      weather and with all kinds of

      pocketbooks. Definitely makes life interesting! God bless, Verlee

      — In, Tracy Feuer wrote:

      > I live in va in a mobile home that seems to have zero insulatin. i put

      plastic over the windows in winter. but i

      am still freezing. of course not freezing like a ak winter but cold to me.

      > especially since va dominion power has just approached the powers that be

      about a twenty percent rate increase.

      did i mention this mobile home is all electric.

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