Tips for Pumpkins

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      I am new to cooking fresh pumpkins……..How do I cook them & freeze them? Do you bake them like you would a squash? Hanna in Indiana

      Kelly wrote: Think pumpkins and you think pies and jack-o-lanterns, but this fall
      favorite doesn’t stop there.
      • Pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into
      vitamin A to help maintain good eyesight
      • Fresh pumpkin puree is often used as an ingredient in cookies,
      cakes and pies, offering extra dietary
      fiber to some of our favorite
      fall treats
      • Baked pumpkin is a delicious side dish that complements meat or
      fish and at only 40 calories per half cup, pumpkins can carve out a
      place at any meal

      Before heading out to the pumpkin patch, take note of these tips that
      will help you pick, carve and display the king of all jack-o-
      • Pick pumpkins that are bright orange, smooth, bruise- and mold-
      free with flat and steady bottoms for easy displaying
      • Plan your design ahead of time before you start cutting the
      pumpkin and use a carving set to ensure you have the right tools
      • Display your masterpieces with battery-operated lights, instead
      of candles, to avoid the dangers of open flames

      Before your little ghosts and goblins head out to trick-or-treat, go
      over these commonsense practices to keep them safe and sound.
      • Make sure children are never walking the route without adult

      Instruct your trick-or-treaters to stay with the group and not to
      cut through backyards or dark areas
      • Give your kids a flashlight and remind them to stay away from
      strangers and houses with porch lights off
      • Remind them not to eat the candy until you have inspected it

      Kelly in IL

      Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell.

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