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      Jordan Maisley

      Hi Every Buddy,
      How are you all? Whether you are filling a suitcase, a box, a car, or a moving pod, packing effectively is always of upmost importance. Packing for a move can often be likened to playing a game of Tetris.

      The art of filling boxes, as well as moving containers comes naturally to very few people, the rest of us need a detailed instruction guide of how to pack efficiently. Here are some basic tips that can help you fit as much as possible into your moving boxes and moving pods.

      How to Pack Moving Boxes:

      * Reinforce the bottom of all your boxes with packing tape. It is worth using extra tape to prevent your fragile belongings from falling through the bottom of the box!

      * If you can, fill each box to the top. If you have extra space in any of your boxes, fill it with packing paper or other fillers.

      When boxes are full, they will maintain their shape, which will allow them to be stacked without falling over.
      * Make sure that the top and sides of the boxes do not bulge. If your boxes bulge, it will prevent you from making stable, tall stacks.
      * Label boxes to make unpacking easier. Write any details that you think you will need on the side of the box.

      Many people like to take note of the items that are in the box, the room that the box should be placed, and any notes about whether the contents of the box are fragile.
      * As you pack, take the extra time to create an inventory of the larger, important items that you have. This will help you if anything gets lost or stolen in the moving process.
      * Don’t pack anything that you can’t lift yourself!
      * Put heavier things into smaller boxes to avoid boxes that you can’t lift
      * If you do have a heavy box or piece of furniture- try to use something with wheels to help transport it. Computer on a rolling office chair?

      Dresser on a skateboard? Heavy box in a wheel barrow? You get the idea…be creative!

      Tips for Packing a Moving Pod:

      * Pack as much as you can fit into boxes. This will help protect your belongings, and will make loading your moving pod much easier.
      * Use moving pads and blankets to protect your furniture. Many moving pods companies provide discounts on combination packages of pads and boxes.
      * Tie down your belongings to the container, one section at a time.
      * Try to distribute the weight of your contents throughout the container.
      * Use all of the space inside of your container to pack your belongings.

      If necessary, turn the furniture on its side (protecting them with packing blankets, of course), fill your refrigerator and dressers with miscellaneous items and take legs off tables to minimize wasted space.
      * Place heavy items on the bottom of your moving container, and lighter items on the top.
      * Pack pictures and mirrors in the narrow spaces between boxes and furniture. This will help prevent them from breaking while maximizing space in your container.
      * Don’t forget to lock up your container with a heavy-duty lock!
      * As you pack, look for spaces where awkward items will fit. Don’t be afraid to mix smaller items with larger items, to put a box inside a dresser or to lay your vacuum cleaner across the top of a stack of boxes.

      You can use every inch of space in your container if you really work at it!

      These simple tips work, not only for packing a moving pod, but for packing anything: from a suitcase to a car. If you remember to fill all of the spaces that you can find, you can fit in more than you think. Follow these tips- and you will be a master at packing Tetris in no time!

      Best Regards

      packaging supplier ~ we do not fall in love with the package of the person, we fall in love with the inside of a person ~

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