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      Heres a tip for keeping those cookies soft. I havent tried it, but if anyone else has please let me know if it works.

      Put a piece of apple in w/the cookies to keep them soft, but remember to change it often. Also never mix soft cookies w/crispy ones.

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      Wow I haven’t heard of that. I like to take some of the cookies and freeze. When you take them out and thaw them on a counter they seem to be soft as when you first cook.

      I will have to try this since it seems like when I make the cookies they don’t last long in the freezer, thanks

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      Yes, I’ve used this a lot! I started when my son’s were going to school cross country and wanted boxes of cookies sent. I always kept an apple in the box and my boys said the cookies were always soft and just like I’d just made them!

      And the bonus if they also got an apple to eat!

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      A soft peice of bread also does the trick!

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      This sounds so strange to me. Do you mean cookie dough? Or whole cooked cookies?

      And it’s a whole apple? Or apple slices? Where do you put the apple?

      In the ziploc of cookies or in a lunch box separate from them?

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      This is for whole cooked cookies. I will let someone who has tried the apple to answer the rest of your question Becca 🙂

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      We use bread in ours. We also put a slice of bread in brown sugar when it gets hard. Works every time!

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      I use a whole apple in my cookie jar and also in the brown sugar container. I works great and I replace it monthly. I learned this when i worked at a regional hospital kitchen many moons ago.

      I never heard of using bread slices. I would worry about mold! I guess I could replace it daily???

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      We don’t replace the bread every day. We check it every few days & if it starts looking funny we then replace it. I did have an apple rot in brown sugar.

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      If you put a piece of bread in the cookie container your cookies will soften up. I have not tried the apple one, but I have always used the bread. This was something I was taught as a child and have passed down to my children as well.

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