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      I have a very tiny bathroom. So Tiny that basically I can shower and use the toilet and that is about it. I don’t have decorations in there because I am afraid that if I turn around I will bump something and they will fall.

      What can I do to make it feel bigger. I would prefer not to paint again. Thanks

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      yep I can relate .. I had bought a building with a small bathroom .. sit on toilet stick you foot in tub and hit the wall on the other side – not even 5 ft wide .. it was one tub and tiny sink long

      I changed the door so it opened into another room rather than in the bathroom .. that helped a little .. it also meant I could change the sink to a smaller standard size (it was maybe 6×9 inches before).

      I bought a cabinet at KMart that was oak its about 18 inches wide and probably 3 ft high this goes above the toilet .. great for toilet paper, extra tampax etc .. to this day I have one like this in all bathrooms LOVE IT .. this is mounted about 10-12 inches above the tank so you can get into it if neccessary .. since this is shallow (one roll of TP fits perfectly laying down) you can actually use it in other places .. *I picked up another one for my current bathroom for odds and ends

      changing the sink meant I could make a cabinet underneath .. since it was so small it had nothing for storage

      if you don’t want to repaint have you thought about putting up just a little bit of wallpaper? a border up high tends to make it look taller .. a striped wall paper on the horizontal (harder to do BTW) makes the room look wider .. OR use the blue painters tape and some acrylic paint and ‘stencil’ horizontal lines

      I eventually got so PO’d with it I tore out a wall – stole some of the kitchen and moved the tub 90* from original position .. Because of the chimney (sorta behind the original sink) its a sorta L shape, but much more useable now

      Ria in Maine

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      I like the idea about the cabinet above the toilet. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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