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      My name is Sharon and I live in Utah. I have mostly been a lurker
      here. I’ve been learning so much from you all and I am loving this
      thread–keep the ideas coming!

      i just love the idea that many small
      savings can add up to huge savings over the course of time. it
      really does make a difference. i look back on how wasteful i’ve been
      (before we adopted our new frugal lifestyle) and it kind of makes me

      i used to pull money out of the atm about twice a week–we
      lived in a rural town so i just pulled it out of whatever bank was
      closest. $3.00 charge every time-(1.50 from my bank and 1.50 from
      the ATM bank) It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time–
      well…$3.00 X 2= $6.00 and $6.00 a week X 52 weeks= $312.00/year. I
      never ever pull it out of any other atm than my own now. same with
      information calls-they’re 1.50 here–even if I only make one once a
      week..there’s another $78.00/year.

      There’s of course the obvious
      things we’ve done to save money that you’ve all heard a million
      times before (and we’re doing them all) but here’s a couple other
      things i do that someone may find useful:
      use my dryer sheets twice, dilute everything; laundry soap, dish
      soap, shampoo, conditioner etc. (we waste so much just from the
      habit of squirting a big handful etc)…it makes these items last
      twice as long. i don’t make my own laundry detergent anymore but
      always get it on cheap, cheap sale and stock up–dilute in 1/2 then
      sprinkle a little laundry booster in with it.

      I do make my own
      prewash and that lasts forever. When it’s time to take the garbage
      out we try and just dump the garbage into the can and reuse the
      bag. Sometimes they’re just too dirty (from sauce cans or meat) but
      many times the bag can be reused, same thing with baggies.

      Use and
      reuse everything you can think of. Before I throw something I away
      I always ask myself is there anything else i could use this for or
      would someone else find this useful. that mentality has also taken
      us from two city garbage cans to one–saving
      $8.00/month X 12 months=$96.00/yr.

      Make a game of it, make it fun
      to see how creative you can be….then share it with the rest of
      us. Better go make breakfast!
      Have a beautiful day!
      Sharon in UT

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks Tightwadding Ways