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      Personally, I refuse to live my life worrying over a potential lawsuit from one of my parents. Judges are very sick of frivolis lawsuits and a lawsuit would only be one against any provider if the provider is negligent. My energies are put into keeping my kids safe. I’ve been doing this for 21 years and never had a serious accident. I’ve only had the minor scrapes and cuts little kids get and not even many of those. If a child fell off the swing and broke their arm, parents can pay for that. It’s not a negligent accident. I know there are parents that would try and sue. But I’d deal with it if it happened.

      I’ve had policies for the kids. And there are separate liability policies that are available for daycare. But they are extremely expensive. I’ve always decided not to renew. They will cancel you for a lot of reasons too. They don’t really cover all that people think. They have very limited amounts available for the types of lawsuits that happen most often. Most big suits are accusing a person of something deviant like sexually mollesting the kids. And often the lawsuit is about a dog bite or other similar animal bite. But these daycare insurance policies do not cover dog bites and they have very limited amounts of coverage for being accused of molesting the kids. If it’s proved that molestation does exist the policies will NOT pay out. The coverage is only to defend against such a claim.

      In my early years I identified any and all risks and some people don’t often think of. Choking is a huge risk among small children. Food needs to be served or cut certain ways or not at all. Pocket change needs to be kept off the floor and toys should never be small enough to lodge in the windpipe. Those stupid little bouncy balls should NOT be allowed in. Also, keep a journal about the daycare parents and their own activities. Often times the things I consider choke hazzards and contraband comes in the pockets of the kids and are supplied by their own mothers. If they were to sue over a choking incident and it’s a known fact that they buy those toys for their child they wouldn’t have much of a claim.

      I could go on and on all day long about the changes I’ve made and the risks I’ve identified. It’s so much better to keep the kids happy and healthy in the first place than to worry about what will happen if I don’t.


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      And you’ll likely have to shop for a new home insurance policy. Most
      standard companies are limiting the TOTAL number of kids you can keep
      to 3. Not 3 at a time, but 3 kids total. Others are cancelling
      policies if there are in home day cares. The rest are charging an arm
      and a leg. And, don’t even consider not telling them. If/when that
      lawsuit happens from one of the parents, they will immediately deny
      your claim which means that the lawyers fees are all on you.

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 5:21 PM, channold2006 <> wrote:
      > I was considering to start watching kids at night to supplement my
      > income ( I am a sub teacher and dont work everyday). My questions are
      > below for comment…
      > 1. Do I have to report this as income to the goverment?
      > 2. Anyone know of any good resources to get started i.e. toys etc?
      > Any suggestions are welcome as well as comments.

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