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      I have 2 grandchildren, 3 & 5 that were here last week…we live in
      Florida. We have a small side yard in a mobile home park. They
      started out watering my plants with a detergent bottle, and ended up
      having a “water party’!

      (as they called it) I let them fill a couple
      of dishpans with water and gave them a couple of detergent bottles and
      sqeeze bottles, and they had so much fun soaking each other. Later
      they spent their time painting my porch with buckets of water and

      They love large cardboard boxes, too, to play pretend space ship, house
      or whatever.

      Do you have a library nearby? Ours offer storytime and other playtime
      activities for toddlers.

      Also, our church offers Vacation Bible School, which has a lot of fun
      activities for toddlers. Not all VBS work with preschoolers, but most
      I’ve been affiliated with, do.

      Hope you have a safe and happy summer.


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