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      I have a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I also have a 7 month
      old that is home all day with us, and a 9 year old that goes to public
      school. Full house around here.

      I found some good freebies that I sent for through the Crayola site, I
      used to homeschool and get teachers samples from them. I got Color
      Explosion White sets from them that were bundled 1 pen, 4 small paper
      cards. (I got 24 sets of these!) The kids love to each get a single
      serving of fun to color these sometimes, and they make paper airplanes
      out of the cards after they color them.

      If the Crayola freebie has
      ended now, it would be easy to make up sets of 3X5 cards with regular
      markers or buy some Crayola stuff and bag it up into fun kits.
      I really like the color explosion white and the color wonder items
      because they are pretty safe from marking of things, the problem is
      that they are really expensive for the ammount of time coloring the
      kids get compared to a $.99 color book and a box of crayons.

      Homemade playdough is always a winner with kids that age. The homemade
      type with the cream of tartar in it is so much neater than the
      storebought. It does not stick to fingernails and things as bad, and it
      is easier to clean up if some gets on the floor.

      I still would not use
      it on carpeted areas as the food coloring will stain.

      Bubbles are always fun for a few minutes. It does get a little boring
      and messy if we do it for too long.

      We just got the two preschoolers their first 2 wheel bikes with
      training wheels. When the weather is nicer and stays nice for more than
      one day at a time, we will be going up and down the sidewalk with them.
      With both of them being so close in age, it is almost a two person job
      just to watch them until they get more comfortable with the bikes.

      Dump out the toybox- Whenever I clean the kids room I dump the toybox
      over and sort out broken toys. Every time this happens, the kids find
      some really treasured toys that have sifted to the bottom and they seem
      like new again because the kids missed them 🙂

      Sidewalk chalk is fun for boys and girls alike. If you want to get
      creative, you could draw a big racetrack for hotwheels or something
      like that.

      You can use your imagination to make a tent (maybe out of a patio table
      and an old sheet) and have a picnic lunch in there.

      I hope you guy shave a great summer 🙂

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Things to do with toddlers