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      I have a 3 year old son and have 5 older boys. I will give you a short list:

      Bubbles (buy the big jug at walmart) use pie tins and wands
      cheap squirt guns
      wading pool (supervised at all times of course)
      funnels and cups in the pool or tub
      cheap shaving cream/let them wash off an outside toy with it and spray it with a spray/squirt bottle
      cheap paint brush/bucket of water-they will “paint” the house, deck, sidewalks etc…
      washable paints and playdoh (I like these outside)
      frogs and bugs 🙂
      take some toys outside that have never been outside
      let them “march” with pie tins and wooden spoons (again, outside)
      help them plant a tiny garden or pick flowers, go on a nature walk and look at leaves and birds
      paint faces on rocks or collect rocks and wash them
      look online for fun “kids” recipes for stuff like goop and slime
      make mud pies and bake them in the sun and then decorate with puff paint, sell them at a pretend bake sale

      That’s all I can think of for now.

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