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      Hi Jolene
      I have 2 boys as well, one is 15 months, the other 3 1/2 years old. For
      rainy days, I went on ebay and bought a used microsoft easyball. It is
      a huge stationary mouse with only one button to click so they can’t
      right click anything.

      My 3 year old goes onto and roams
      all around the site learning phonics.
      Do you have a outdoor space for a small garden? Or a space outside to
      put some pots? My boys love to water stuff so we plant veggies for them
      every year.

      Peas, beans, radishes and such grow fast enough for them to
      hold their interest.
      We’ve bought all of their outdoor toys from (we’re in
      canada, but I’m sure there’s a US equivalent). Little tikes stuff lasts
      forever and is so cheap to buy used. They have their own little
      playground outside, great for the days when we don’t feeling like
      walking to the park.

      We try to remember to bring a soccer ball when we
      go though, so they have something else to do.
      Is there a community playgroup in your area? We have one that gets
      together once a week but during the summer they just put on the odd
      Other than that.. big hits with my boys
      bike rides/wagon rides
      sidewalk chalk
      little tikes basketball
      running like crazy with other kids
      puzzles (local library)
      baking mini muffins
      helping mom clean (I give them damp sponges or paper towel)
      I’m sure you do all this stuff too..

      but I hope I helped

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Things to do with toddlers