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      I have a friend who gets together with a couple of other families and plans a whole week of fun for their children, they call it “Camp Crazy”. This is their low cost way of having summer camp for their children. Each mom plans an activity for each day.

      Some of the things they have done are: 1.water kickball- set out baby pools as the bases, after kicking the ball the children have to run through the pools to get home. 2. Another day she had a big food fight.

      She filled up one baby pool with a ton of cooked spagetti and a different pool with a ton of cold jello and had vats of cool whip and let the kids just have at it. The best part was that they just rinsed the kids off outside, no harm no foul. 3.

      One year they had themed days. On Pirate Day all the children went to the house with a pool. She put a six inch board cross the pool and put plastic alligators in the pool and the kids had to “walk the plank”, of course if they fell in all the more fun.

      Then they had a scavenger hunt using nursery rhymes: For example “Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse went up the ?” Then all the kids would run to the clock to find the next clue “The itsy bitsy spider went up the ?”, they would all run to the water faucet to find the next clue, etc. 4.

      You could have a story time 5. Make camp crazy tie died shirts. I think Michaels Arts and Crafts sells fabric paint that you can put in water guns and you can “shoot” a tie dyed shirt.

      5. Maybe make Friday a park day. We have a few free parks close by that have water shooting out of everything and one of the public pools is like a mini water park and it only costs $4.

      You get the idea, just get creative with friends and you can have a low cost blast.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Things to do with toddlers