There has got to be a better way to vacuum and mop my floors…

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      Thanks Mods.

      Here are a couple that I like to do. Makes me a nice

      amount of money monthly. Along with Gift cards. The

      first 2 sites are the BEST! Netwinner great gift

      cards a month and Treasure trooper I made close to

      $800 in just 5 months.

      Try them out!


      After registration, you can begin winning! Pick 4 two

      digit numbers and 1 one digit bonus number and click

      the WIN!!! button. The game automatically checks your

      picks against all 9 simultaneous ways to win and

      immediately let’s you know if you’re a winner. You can

      win cash or valuable points that can be redeemed for

      gift cards or other great NetWinner’s Partner


      And it’s always FREE TO PLAY!

      Please be sure to verify you account to receive the gift cards.



      Complete some offers. Most of them are free trials

      with payouts ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars!

      Once you’ve completed an offer, click the button next

      to it to indicate its completion. The offer will then

      be added to your ‘My Pending Offers’ page to await


      As offers are verified, they are removed from the

      ‘My Pending Offers’ page, and the money will be added

      to your ‘My Treasure’ page. Along with the money, you

      will receive gold coins which you can redeem at the

      trading hut for cool treasures, maps, and more.

      On the 15th-20th of each month, we will send your

      payment if you have earned a minimum of 20 dollars by

      the last day of the previous month.

      Go on treasure hunts for real cash and prizes.

      Current treasure hunt is for the lost statue of the

      Mambiko tribe and is worth $100 in real money to

      anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the amount

      of people that can find this treasure!

      For any who may have a teaching certificate but want

      to work from home,

      Educate Inc. is a terrific company to work for. They

      run Sylvan

      Learning Center’s Online tutoring program and

      frequently hire because

      their business is growing. I have a girlfriend who

      worked for them for about 1 1/2 years and found them

      to be a very flexible and well-run company. I know

      that they are anticipating another large hire later

      in the summer for

      the 2007-2008 school year.

      Surveysavvy is an excellent company paids $3 per survey

      Associated Content- You write news articles, or a

      product review,

      etc, and submitt it for review. If they like it, they

      offer to buy

      it from you. They offer you a specific amount per

      story. Just go to

      associatedcontent. com. is a fun site.. it’s kind of like Myspace,

      in the extent

      of how it works. It’s real people, mostly adults, who

      create their

      own page. Then, you find “groups” (similiar to yahoo,

      except not

      email based) you might want to join, and you join

      them. You find

      friends (like Myspace), and “connect”. You post

      stuff, ask

      questions, post pictures, comment on the stuff other

      people post,

      etc. You earn points when you post stuff. It’s based

      on a lot of

      things- how many people comment, how many people read

      it, etc.

      Points cash out for gift cards- 625 points equal a

      $10 gift card to

      Borders, for example. 1565 points equal a $25 gift

      card to Borders,

      Home Depot, Omaha Steak, and more.

      Cafe Press is an online shop. You create pictures,

      cute text

      sayings, etc, and upload them onto merchandise.

      People shop in the

      store, buy something for a price you set, and then

      you get

      commission off the sale. There is a base price, like

      a mug starts

      out at $5. You raise the price, say to $7. The amount

      you raise it

      is the amount you earn in commission- $2. There is no

      cost to run a

      shop at all, and because the items are printed up as

      they are sold,

      there is no upkeep, or store stock to purchase.

      Pinecone Survey site

      And I just read about the banner being up here

      recently – like today

      and yesterday: Take surveys and get paid $5

      I have tons on info on these sites. So if you decide to join please let me

      know and I will share tips that I have used to help me make the most money.


      Carrie wrote:

      We had more than 25 members request additional info, please feel free

      to send the info to the list.



      Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha!

      Play Monopoly Here and Now (it’s updated for today’s economy) at Yahoo! Games.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List There has got to be a better way to vacuum and mop my floors…