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      My sister used this, The Works for toilets, to clean the hard water build-up on
      the shower doors and it was great. A good deal at any price but less than a
      dollar is even better.
      Cindy in al


      i don’t know who it was that recommended the works for cleaning toilets –
      but i am so excited – and thank you thank you thank you! last night i was
      headed down the cleaning aisle looking for something to clean my toilets –
      which have gotten a little out of hand and i saw the works was only $0.94.
      I figured it was a cheap experiment. I turned the water off to the toilet
      and flushed I squirted it in the bowl and it clean it almost instantly, but
      I had some rust colored water running down from the sides.

      So I opened up
      the tank and I squirted some on the sides in there, you would not believe
      how fast it took the rust off the sides of the tank! It looks brand new!
      Seriously, they’re cleaner than when we bought the house. I used the whole
      bottle up last night on 2 toilets, I plan to buy another one for our other
      toilet today and then I figure I shouldn’t have to use as much next time.

      Thank you!!!


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