The Ultimate Diaper Wreath Tutorial

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      The Ultimate Diaper Wreath Tutorial

      Here’s a Step by Step guide on how to make an adorable (usable) Diaper wreath, followed by video instructions so you can see how it’s done! This entire wreath can be put together in about 15-20 minutes flat, but the momma to be will LOVE IT.

      You’ll Need:
      18″ wire wreath frame
      A pack of 40 diapers
      Clear rubber bands (we use goodys hair bands)

      Various Baby Items such as:

      Onesies, mittens, hat, cute outfit
      Sample Sized Baby products ( shampoo, body wash, lotion, butt cream, etc)
      Thin Ribbon (for attaching)
      Thick Ribbon (for accenting)
      Small toys (stuffed animals, teething rings, small bath toys)

      Roll all the diapers:
      With clean hands, lay the diaper flat and tightly roll starting from the top (the open end of the diaper) to the bottom. Secure it in place using a small clear hair band. Repeat until all the diapers have been rolled and secured.

      Attach the diapers to the wreath by slipping a ribbon through the clear band and tying it to the middle wire of the wreath. Repeat until all of the diapers are successfully attached to the wreath. Some folks recommend hot glue, we do not because you want the receiver of the gift to be able to use the diapers that are attached.

      By attaching them this way they can snip the ribbon and rubberband and the diaper is ready for use.

      Next, attach the outfits. Roll each outfit, allowing the cute design part of the outfit to show. Onesies are perfect for this as they often have adorable sayings or designs.

      Then, using the same method of attachment for the diapers, add the remaining sample sized baby products and clothing items.

      Be sure to hang the finished wreath from one of the middle wires and not using the ribbon pieces that are attaching the wreath decorations.

      Here’s an Example of how to attach the ribbons. If you tie them through the back by sliding the ribbon through the clear hair band,  you won’t see ribbon on the front, which will make the wreath less busy looking.

      If you don’t have a wire wreath frame to use, here’s how you can make the same adorable wreath using repurposed cardboard!

      See also, Butterfly Diapers these are lovely to attach to other gift packages or to decorate baby showers with.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Crafts & Homemade Items The Ultimate Diaper Wreath Tutorial